Keep Your Storm Drains Clear

Storm Drains

We live near a modest low spot in the street. Our neighbors have a storm drain in front of their home that is critical to removing water from the area. They understand its importance and keep it clear, and we periodically joke about battling the “leaf terrorists.”

There have been times during our many years here when a heavy rain washed enough leaves into the previously clear drain to clog it. Water builds up in the street to about the top of the curb before reaching the level of a different drain. It’s (probably) not dangerous or anything, but nobody likes to drive through 6 inches of water.

Keep an eye on the storm drains near your home. They play an important role in getting rid of water, and are surprisingly easy to clog with leaves and branches. If the drains are not clear during a big storm, then there is a risk of flooding. Your town put those storm drains there for a reason.

It may not be your job, but take five minutes to make sure they are clear. We all need to be on the lookout for leaf terrorists.