A Decaying House

2020-12-18 Decaying

There was a serious fire in our neighborhood in August of 2019. The home sustained significant damage, and continues to sit in a blighted state over a year later. Indications are that the property will not be repaired, so the most likely resolution is foreclosure and demolition. The City initiated foreclosure proceedings at the end of November 2020.

Homes built in the early 1900s are very high quality structures that can withstand a surprising amount of damage and neglect. Sadly this structure is beyond (economically) saving.

The neighborhood formally indicated to the City that it will not stand in the way of the City’s decisions about the best course of action. The property has been a problem for the immediate neighbors since the fire, and a resolution cannot come quickly enough.

Everyone is stuck in limbo until the foreclosure is complete. All we can do it watch the burned out building slowly decay.