Looking for 3 Bedrooms

Three bedroom homes are a core part of Greater Hartford’s housing stock. They are popular with buyers, and usually the most active part of the market. The SmartMLS showed that 3 bedroom homes represented more than 53% of the deals in 2020.

However, the price of a 3 bedroom home varies from town to town. The chart below shows pricing for 3 bedroom homes in the 15 Hartford County municipalities that had the most 3 bedroom sales. It ranged from Bristol with 521 sales of 3 bedroom homes down to Simsbury with 142 sales. Note that the price range shown captures most of the market, but there were outlier deals both above and below the range.

2021-01-26 3 Bedrooms Homes in 2020

Buyers weigh many factors in choosing where they search for a home, though price is usually a major consideration. Clearly, there are differences in how much one has to pay for a 3 bedroom home in each community.