Apple Fritter Season!

Fall is apple fritter season in Greater Hartford, and Glastonbury is the center of the local fritter scene. We made the sacrifice of visiting each of the main fritter vendors to compare and contrast.

Belltown Hill Orchard

Fritters are sold in the pick-your own field, rather than at the main shop when you enter the property. Served in a low container, the eight roundish fritters were sprinkled with a powdered sugar mixture. They were cooked to have a crust, yet still be tender in the middle. As an aside, Belltown has excellent apple cider donuts available all the time at their main shop.

Belltown Hill Orchard

Belltown Hill Orchard Apple Fritters

Dondero Orchard

The main shop sells fritters along with all sorts of other the other orchard, farm, and baked goodies. The bag contained 6 fritters that were larger than the other sites – more like two donut holes combined. They had a firm crust, were covered in a granulated sugar mixture, and included apple chunks in the batter for a strong apple flavor.

Dondero Orchard

Dondero Orchard Fritter Bag

Dondero Orchard Fritters

Robb’s Farm/Old Cider Mill

The folks at Riverview Farms operate both the Robb’s Farm venue and the Old Cider Mill venue in town. Both have small dedicated fritter vendors on site, serving bags containing a half dozen fritters the size and shape of a largish donut hole. Their version has a lighter crust and an even coating of granulated sugar.

Robb's Farm

Old Cider Mill

Old Cider Mill Fritter Bag

Robb's Farm Fritters

Our Verdict

Is there really a way to do apple fritters poorly? I don’t think so, and each of the options we sampled had their strengths.

At the end of the day the three testers in our family did reach a consensus. We preferred the lighter crust and granulated sugar, and would have loved to combine that with the stronger apple flavor that came with apple chunks in the batter.

Be sure to confirm hours of operation before venturing out, but fall weekend days are usually a safe bet. Enjoy!

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