July Contracts: Summertime

2023-07 Contracts by Month

Hartford County finished July with 656 single-family contracts, 21% fewer than last July and 14% fewer than last month. On a year-to-date basis the market is about 22% behind 2022. We’re into summertime, where deals still happen but with fewer buyers participating. Listing activity was pretty good, by recent standards, with 717 new properties. By the end of the month there were 529 homes for sale, an increase over the totals in the mid-400s that

June Contracts: Another Month Like May

2023-07-06 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2023-06

Hartford County finished June with 763 single-family contracts. The total was about 12% fewer than June 2022, leaving the year about 22% behind for the full first half. 805 new listings during June supported the number of deals, and left the inventory of active homes available level with the end of May. There are enough listings for 0.7 months worth of sales, though that is likely overstated by opportunistic sellers. 23% of active listings have

May Contracts: Spring in Greater Hartford

2023-06-03 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2023-05

May contracts increased to 774 for the month. The result maps a typical spring trend of increasing activity each month through May. However 2023 started from a lower baseline than 2022 which started at a lower baseline than 2021. This year continued to be about 25% less active than last year. New listings jumped to 794 in May, and provided the inventory that allowed buyers to successfully write contracts on 774 properties. Active listings ticked

April Contracts: Wow, Berlin!

2023-05-03 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2023-04

While the overwhelming majority of the County struggled through the first four months with too few listings for the number of buyers, the town of Berlin stood out thanks to its positive result (see the table at the bottom). With 13% MORE contracts than last year, Berlin was the only town that on pace to outperform 2022. Hartford County overall finished the month with 626 contracts, more than 27% fewer than April of last year.

March Contracts: More of the Same

2023-04-04 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2023-03

Hartford County had an interesting month of March. Typically the beginning of the spring market, this March was characterized by a lot of buyers fighting over relatively few listings. It was more of the same – just another month in Greater Hartford real estate. There were 549 single-family contracts signed, which was about 30% fewer than the 780 from March 2022, and about 46% fewer than the 1,035 deals from March 2021. On a year-to-date