Subprime Bailouts

Congress is starting to rumble about devising a program to bailout subprime borrowers. Now that adjustable rates have started to rise, potentially 1.1 million homeowners could be forced into foreclosure in the next 6 months. The government isn’t suggesting it will pay off loans, but that a program focused on counseling and loan restructuring could help the problem. No offense, but I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for this program. Why isn’t accountability

Government Loans

I attended a government loan seminar yesterday and picked up some interesting information I thought I would share… Advantages of an FHA Mortgage – No reserves are required to qualify – Lower monthly mortgage insurance – Lower closing costs and no “junk” fees allowed – Gift money is allowed for your entire downpayment – Generous debt to income ratios are allowed (sometimes up to 49%) – Lower credit scores considered (a FICO score as low

West Hartford Electronics Recycling Day- May 5

From the Hartford Courant on April 12, 2007… West Hartford town officials announced an electronics recycling day on Saturday, May 5. Residents who have old household electronic equipment they want to dispose of can recycle the items at no charge. Recycling will take place at the town’s public works facility at 25 Brixton St. from 9:00am to noon. Residents can recycle the following items: computers, monitors, printers, cell phones, televisions, video-cassette recorders, copiers, fax machines,

Chicken Little…

No Chicken Little, the sky is NOT falling… Home Prices Fall Nationwide, home prices are expected to drop 0.7% and the national media is all riled up. That’s what happens to asset values. They go up, then they go down, then they go up again. Just like stocks. Just like mutual funds. Over the long term any asset will appreciate if it is valuable (and well maintained in the case of a house). Prices don’t

Affordable Housing in CT

Last week I talked about property taxes in West Hartford making housing unaffordable for some folks. This week it seems that we might want to look at affordable housing in CT in general. The Courant ran an interesting article a few days ago… A Home They Can Buy… Here’s a link to the official HOMEConnecticut site if you’d like to learn more… HOMEConnecticut Personally, when I moved here 3 years ago, I was surprised at