2015 Hartford County Single-Family Sales Data

2016-01-06 Hartford County Single Family Sales

2015 was a good year for Hartford County real estate. The total number of closed single-family sales recorded in the Connecticut Multiple Listings Service (CTMLS) database was 7,701 (as of 1/6/2016). The number of closed sales increased by 9% over the 2014 total. As the above chart shows, the market is approaching the activity levels seen in the early 2000s. The 7,701 sales are over 14% below the 2005 peak. The increase in sales have

The West Hartford Budget

Farmington on Memorial Day

Each spring the Town goes through the exercise of budgeting for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1st. Here’s the super summarized version of how it works. The Town Manager proposes a budget, there are public comment sessions, and finally the Town Council makes changes before adopting a final version. The mill rate is set, and from there the tax bills are generated. It is the property owners, ultimately, that fund the Town’s