Art and/or Assault

Below is something that I came across in the garage of a bank owned home. For those who can’t quite make out what the picture shows, it’s a wooden bear statue with an ax embedded in its head. The bear is a small version of the sorts of bears that are made by chainsaw, while the ax appears to be rather standard in size & design and well used. Is the ax original to the

The Lexicon's Art – West Hartford

The Lexicon is one of the new buildings in Blue Back Square, located at 75 Isham Road. The ground floor is retail, with offices on the upper three levels. Although I had been in the stores and restaurants on many occasions, I had not visited the lobby area that leads to the elevators until recently. There isn’t really that much to the lobby – it’s a relatively narrow corridor that leads to the center of

Creative Writing in Hartford

While riding my bike past The Beacon Light and Supply Company’s Walnut Street facility on the day it didn’t rain, I noticed their fantastic sign with the vintage-modern lettering. But the official sign is not nearly as interesting as the mural that Quirk Middle School students have drawn on the lower portion of the wall. Very creative – a modern version of the painted ads that used to be common on the side of city