West Hartford Revaluation 2011 – Informal Hearings

West Hartford’s 2011 revaluation is progressing smoothly, and reached the public phase when Market Value letters began arriving during the second half of November. Before going any further, it is very important to emphasize three key points: 1. Property taxes don’t change until July 2012. 2. Taxes would be calculated based on the “New Property Assessment” in the bottom right of the letter, not the market value. 3. The mill rate will change, so multiplying

Hartford’s Revaluation 2011 – Update

On Thursday, December 1st, updated market values began arriving from the City of Hartford. We were eagerly awaiting our letter because, well, real estate things get us excited and the revaluation is important. Now it’s here and it’s time to go to work interpreting what it all means. Proposed Fair Market Value The first important point to make is that the numbers sent by the City have no immediate impact on our property taxes. They

A Preview of Hartford’s 2011 Revaluation

The 2011 City of Hartford property revaluation is just around the corner, and in fact, the team at the Assessor’s office has already gotten started. Homeowners are scheduled to receive a mailing in the next few months that will help the City collect data about our properties. After that, most of the work will be done internally until the new assessed values are distributed in November of 2011. Don’t be Afraid Many property owners hear