Buyers: Your Time to Shine

Multiple trends in the real estate world are converging this fall to create a home buying environment that favors strategic buyers. Since the buyer pool is pretty shallow right now, we thought it might be worthwhile to devote a week’s worth of posts to buyers. Buyer Week; it’s kinda like Shark Week on The Discovery Channel. At least that’s how we imagine it in our minds… So here is the situation (not to be confused

Real Estate Bargains: Getting the Best Buy Possible

Yesterday we highlighted four common myths that sometimes lead buyers to believe they’re getting a better deal than they really are. Today we’re sharing some thoughts about finding true real estate bargains. Let’s just get this first point out of the way early. If you’re looking for a ridiculous value – a complete steal – then a real estate agent probably isn’t going to find it for you. You need to start pounding the pavement