The Rising Bar of Move-In Ready


Nice homes are always in demand in Greater Hartford. Despite what we hear reported about a wholesale exodus from the state, fully updated properties tend to sell. There are people who want to live in this area, and many of those people would prefer to buy a home in which they don’t have to make many repairs. We recently wrote about a decrease in buyer demand in core price points. The buyer pool doesn’t seem

Ducks in a Row, Please

I am fairly certain that the spring real estate market turned on last week. Do you know how I know this? I started waking up at 4am without the assistance of my alarm clock, thinking about all of the work that I needed to do, and then getting up to do it. Activating new listings, preparing for more listing appointments for houses that will come on the market, and then the subsequent showings with buyer

Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon Mitigation System

We’ve written about radon a couple times in the past. Once as an overview to the issue and once when we tested the radon levels in our home. But I don’t think we’ve ever written about the mitigation system itself. A radon mitigation system is just a white PVC tube starting under the foundation and exhausting outside. There is a fan inside the pipe that blows air from out from under the basement. Radon is

Bird in a Cage

This bird startled me as I was showing a house. It, and its cage, were hanging about 9 feet off the ground near the door connecting the finished and unfinished portions of a basement. I didn’t see it the first time I walked past since it was well above my head. But on the way out it was difficult to miss. Thankfully, the home’s owner did not have the electronic base on. It appears as

You’re Mine

You're Mine

Great, thanks for meeting me at this house, I’m glad we were able to take the tour. Now that I showed you the house, you have to sign this contract. It says that I’m your real estate agent, that we’re going to be working together to find you a home. Go ahead and sign it now. You’re mine. An FYI to buyers … just because a real estate agent tries to get you to sign