Thoughts on Pricing Homes

Suppose a home came onto the market late one afternoon, received an offer that evening, and went under contract a day later. Is this a good outcome for the seller? At first glance it seems like it probably is – they resolved their uncertainty quickly, and by accepting right away they presumably got an attractive price. But maybe the fact that the first offer came in immediately suggests that the home is underpriced. And maybe

How Much is the Other Offer?

The past few weeks have been busy. More multiple offer deals. So far this year I’ve sold 13 houses. Of those transactions, 9 of them have been multiple offer situations. In some cases I represented the sellers. In others, the buyers. The houses have been priced anywhere from the mid-$200Ks to the mid-$500Ks. Whenever I let my buyer clients know that another offer has been submitted on the property that they’re interested in, the first

Multiple Offers and You

I reviewed my files this weekend and I’ve represented clients in 7 multiple offer situations this year, 2 assisting sellers and 5 assisting buyers. That’s quite a few for what is supposed to be a “slow” year. The one common thread for all of these properties was that they were well priced. Some of them were priced well right out of the gate. Some of them got to the eventual right price via price reductions.

Busy Week

It was a busy time in my little world this week. Four of my buyer clients wrote contracts on properties. Two were accepted, one is still pending, and another was rejected. Again I was involved in more multiple offer situations. Each of the situations had 3 buyers that wrote offers. Eh. They seem never ending this year for some reason. Next week I’ll write a series of posts about multiple offer situations and how they

Multiple Offer Madness

I’m not exactly sure what is going on this spring, but my buyer clients seem to be multiple-offer magnets. And the properties we’re looking at aren’t necessarily hot, new listings. Some of the homes have been on the market for quite some time. One of the trends that I’m noticing with multiple offer situations in a “buyers market” is the fact that the properties aren’t necessarily going at or over asking price, even though there