Tiny House as a Rolling Office

Tiny houses pop up in my life at a frequency that far exceeds my actual real-life experience with that particular type of housing. I’ve never seen one in person, and I have no desire to live in one. The closest I’ve come to a tiny house is touring an 1800s camp on Martha’s Vineyard. I see tiny houses in the news and on TV all the time. I talk about them at family gatherings because

A Tiny House is Stolen (and Recovered)

Stealing an entire house is a new level of larceny. The tiny house movement has now made that possible, as a St. Louis woman recently learned. Thieves took the next step from taking packages, bikes, and cars when they hitched a trailer-based tiny house to their truck and sped off. The structure was not yet complete, so fortunately nobody was inside. The home was recovered after a social media-fueled search and returned to its owner.

Tiny Houses in Connecticut

I saw this structure while driving on Interstate 91. It’s most likely not a tiny house since the Jamaica Cottage Shop doesn’t claim to make them. But it did get me thinking about the idea again. A couple years ago I saw my first photo feature on so-called tiny houses. For those not familiar with the concept, a tiny house tries to pack all the essential features of a dwelling into a very small structure.