Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit Q&A

Two previous articles about the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit have generated a number of questions. We have gathered the most common and reached out to an expert to get the best answers possible. Hopefully this will point you in the right direction if this program is relevant to you… What is the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit? We’ve written two versions of the overview. The first was in 2011 and focused on the nuts

Our Kitchen Remodel – A Progress Update

Our kitchen remodel has been underway for two weeks now. Well, really three if you count the week we spent dismantling our previous kitchen. We seem to be right on schedule, which is nice. The electrical and plumbing were laid out in their new locations and we passed our City permit inspections. Drywalling started shortly thereafter. That should be finished early this week. From there, we’ll paint the walls and ceilings. Sadly the hardwood floors