Green Fuses

These are fuses for the electrical system of a house. Most homes that you see these days have been updated to circuit breakers, so finding fuse boxes becomes less common each year. It’s okay to want to buy a house that has fuses, but you should plan for them to be upgraded. Perhaps you’ll be able to convince the seller to deal with them before the closing. That’s unfortunately not always possible though, so just make a mental note as you’re evaluating the property.

Green Fuses

In Search of the Meat Grinder

We sometimes see strange things when touring homes with clients. After walking through one property top to bottom, we were surprised to see a “meat grinder” listed in the circuit breaker box in big bold letters … where was the meat grinder? And why does a single-family home have such a serious meat grinder that it requires not only a dedicated circuit but also a double breaker?

Meat Grinder

It seems that this relatively new home salvaged their electrical box, and the actual circuit breakers, from a commercial building. There was also a circuit for the “Xerox next to the elevator” and other commercial sounding circuits. Weird. And sorry for the blurry picture – it was dark and all we had was a phone’s camera.