Going to the Dogs

I am a dog person. I love dogs. I have a dog of my own. She is great. But not everyone loves dogs. In fact, some people don’t like dogs at all. Who can blame them really? Sometimes dogs are smelly. They drool. They shed. And sometimes they bark. In fact, they may bark a lot. Which is exactly what this dog did when I went to show a house today. It barked at me

The Power of Portable Storage

You’re getting ready to put your house on the market and your place is filled with too much stuff. Or at least that’s what your real estate agent says. What’s one to do? Rent a portable storage unit. Please. Just do it. It will make your home look larger if you have less stuff crammed in there and it will also help make your (inevitable) move easier in the upcoming months. We have several clients

Can I Decorate for the Holidays?

We tend to get an early start on the winter holidays at the Bergquist household. The three of us were out on Saturday evening purchasing our Christmas tree, sending money back to the motherland, Vermont. Yesterday we decorated the house and it appropriately looks like the North Pole barfed merriment on our walls, flat surfaces and just about any place where you could put red, green and sparkly things. Of course this really only happens

Managing Your Emotions in a Home Sale

As a real estate agent, I spend quite a bit of time acting as a counselor in one way or another. I help people weigh the pros and cons when deciding between various houses. I give advice regarding a reasonable sales price range for a house, for both sellers and buyers. I guide people through the home inspection phase and offer support for reasonable repair requests. This all becomes very tricky at times because buying