Hurricane Irene Prep: Essential Supplies?

Since we’ve never been through a Connecticut hurricane before, nor have we been through one in a home we owned, we’ve spent the past couple of days preparing. We’re taking it seriously – this could be a dangerous situation. We’re most concerned about the large trees surrounding our home. Amy is worst-case-scenario-ing every tree near us falling on our house and the damage that will be done. Staying locked up in the house with her for 48 hours is going to be a real treat…

Just about everything outside has either been picked up or tied down. We have enough non-perishable food to get us through a few days – maybe even a week – without power. We’re planning to park the cars somewhere relatively tree-free. And we’re in the process of packing what I am calling a “Go Bag” for each human and canine member of the household.

Hurricane Irene Prep Area in the Basement

In addition to these measures, we’ve also gathered a modest collection of supplies in the basement just in case we have to deal with an extreme situation. Tarps and rope, batteries, work gloves, duct tape, baseball bats (for when the zombies attack, I guess?), and bubbles (to amuse our kid). The essentials, really.

Whether or not this all pans out awaits to be seen. The weather people work for ratings, but it is important to take this seriously. Please make sure you’re prepared and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene Prep: Essential Supplies?

  1. The Morgan Street Garage is open to all residents for no charge for the duration of the storm. You might want to consider leaving a car (or two) under cover.

  2. Thanks Frank. We actually just got back from dropping a car off at the Morgan Street garage. We’re parking the other one at the elementary school around the corner from us. No trees there…

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