August Contracts: A Wash Out

Single-family contracts totaled 532 in August, a slight decline from July’s total, though an increase over August 2010’s tally – it was a summer month with sporadic activity. Hurricane Irene passed through the County during the final week of the month, putting most of the real estate market on hold for at least three days, with some areas affected through the end of the month. We don’t know for sure how much of an impact

Hurricane Irene: Feeling Fortunate

The storm has passed, the skies have cleared, and the wind has died down. It is a bright and sunny Monday. Sunday morning – before the eye of the storm arrived – turned out to be the worst of the weather for Greater Hartford. That’s when the bulk of the rain came through, and the strongest wind gusts, though they did not approach hurricane strengths. The rain died out quickly as the storm moved north

Hurricane Irene Prep: Essential Supplies?

Since we’ve never been through a Connecticut hurricane before, nor have we been through one in a home we owned, we’ve spent the past couple of days preparing. We’re taking it seriously – this could be a dangerous situation. We’re most concerned about the large trees surrounding our home. Amy is worst-case-scenario-ing every tree near us falling on our house and the damage that will be done. Staying locked up in the house with her