A Little Truth in Advertising, Please

Dear Listing Agent,

Thanks for getting us in to see your listing last night. My client and I appreciate it. We were excited to see the home. Based on your description and photos, it sounded like it might work for her.

Unfortunately when we got to the house it was not really what the description and pictures portrayed. Now, I’m all for taking pictures that highlight the best features of a home. But there is a difference between highlighting features and blatantly ignoring things that should be mentioned upfront.

First, the ceilings were partially falling down. I didn’t see that in the pictures or talked about in the listing description. A few walls in the dining room were ripped down to the studs. The half bath that was supposed to be on the first floor was completely ripped out and not there. You advertised the house as having one and a half baths. If the bathroom is not there, you shouldn’t say that it is.

The house is a fixer and most likely would not qualify for any type of government loan. You might want to mention that at least somewhere in your description as this information is important to many buyers and their agents. I wouldn’t have wasted my client’s time and my own if we had known this.

How about some truth in advertising, please?

Hugs and kisses,