CTMLS Allows More Pictures

2014-01-02 Radiator

The database that real estate agents use to create our listings (CT Multiple Listing Service) has increased the number of images that we are allowed to load for each property. The maximum number of photos has been slowly creeping upwards for years, with the most recent jump from 25 to 35. There is a school of thought that says you need to use all of the picture slots available. I’ve heard it regularly from the

A Home in Black and White

2013-11-23 Foyer - 600

Would it be effective to market a home using black and white photography? All of the homes currently on the market feature color pictures in their listings, both in the MLS and in the miriad of consumer real estate websites. A property without color photos would stand out from the others online. What’s not clear is if the impression it makes would be a positive one. My first experiment with black and white was a

A Little Truth in Advertising, Please

Dear Listing Agent, Thanks for getting us in to see your listing last night. My client and I appreciate it. We were excited to see the home. Based on your description and photos, it sounded like it might work for her. Unfortunately when we got to the house it was not really what the description and pictures portrayed. Now, I’m all for taking pictures that highlight the best features of a home. But there is

Discover Hartford’s West End

One of our roles, as a real estate agents representing sellers, is to act as an informal promoter for the various towns and neighborhoods in which our clients live. Potential buyers from other parts of Greater Hartford, or even other parts of the country, may not know what an area is actually like. They may have never visited, and they may have formed their own mental images based on what they’ve heard from other people.