Lawn Ornaments

Now that our gardens are established, I think it’s time to add some lawn ornaments. Class up the yard a bit, you know?

We spent a day at Brimfield a few weeks ago and found some real quality contenders. Who can say no to the Colonel-as-Weathervane?

Or gigantic orbs?

Gnomes and bunnies?

Ah, perfection. A five foot tall Puss in Boots. Because one can never get too much Puss in Boots.

I suggested to Kyle that it was time to dial up the crazy at our house and get a few of these winners. He balked saying “Do you really want to be THAT person?” If the Puss in Boots hadn’t been $400, yeah, I really would have been THAT person…

Live a little, will ya? The West End is all about whimsy.

2 thoughts on “Lawn Ornaments

  1. I totally bought a garden gnome holding a sign that says “bite me”, it was just so funny I couldn’t resist…though I may put it in my backyard garden instead of out front. Don’t want my neighbors to think I’m a jerk!

  2. Oh my gosh, I could look at lawn ornaments until I’m blue in the face! The Colonel is a great piece; it’s got character and class. $400 for Puss in Boots? Probably a good decision to just walk away from that one…:)

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