Lawn Ornaments

Now that our gardens are established, I think it’s time to add some lawn ornaments. Class up the yard a bit, you know? We spent a day at Brimfield a few weeks ago and found some real quality contenders. Who can say no to the Colonel-as-Weathervane? Or gigantic orbs? Gnomes and bunnies? Ah, perfection. A five foot tall Puss in Boots. Because one can never get too much Puss in Boots. I suggested to Kyle

Greater Hartford Farm Scene: Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our round-up of the Greater Hartford Farm Scene. Yesterday we focused on Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and U-Pick, which are common ways to get fresh, local, vegetables. They don’t require a commitment – you can stop in if your schedule matches up with their hours. It just takes a little bit of travel time, and perhaps some sweat, to get delicious produce for dinner and dessert. Today we’re covering

Colorful First Impressions

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. You’ve seen a listing on the internet that looks interesting and have contacted your agent to set up a showing. After arriving at the property, you wait in your car for a moment or two before getting out. You then walk up to the front door and meet your agent, who has arrived early to open the home and turn on the lights for the showing. So