White Ice

Stainless appliances are out; at least according to Whirlpool. Instead, we are all hereby instructed to select the new White Ice finish to show our superior taste when designing the ultimate kitchen. It’s been described by one reviewer as employing “Apple’s popular design language.”

I have no idea if their bold move will catch on. I guess we’ll find out when buyers featured on House Hunters complain about stainless kitchens. But whether the next new thing is White Ice or something else, it’s completely unsurprising that appliance makers are trying to steer consumers in a new direction. The stainless trend IS getting a little long in the tooth.

But here’s the best part! Because of the new White Ice collection, I have a perfect excuse to post this classic Vanilla Ice Video … time to dance everybody!

3 thoughts on “White Ice

  1. These are just white appliances with stainless steel handles. I will not be tricked! And thanks for getting that stupid song stuck in my head for the rest of the day…

  2. Oh thank GOD. I’m so completely fed up with stainless steel, although I’m not sure that “white ice” is any better.

    Another tip off that stainless is on its way out: I saw advertisements in NYC for a service who would repaint your stainless steel appliances in a COLOR.

    I’m refraining on clicking play on the Vanilla Ice video… I just can’t have that stuck in my head tonight!

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