Cleaning Out the Stuff

Empty Binders

As a homeowner and a listing agent, I dislike clutter. The more that is removed, the better. Last fall I spent some time on the perpetual project of organizing and cleaning out our basement. There were four boxes of empty 3-ring binders that had been on their way out for quite some time. All the paper they used to contain was recycled long ago. After removing the labels and other personalizations, it was time to

How I Hate You, Ceiling Fan

We have been on a bit of a remodeling tear at our house lately. Updating a half bathroom (which we’ll blog about shortly), re-painting our foyer and accompanying woodwork, along with removing some wallpaper border. And getting rid of this guy. Well, two of these guys, actually. I hate these ceiling fans with a passion. They reside in our living room. Someone installed them who knows when. We’ve been living with them for 8 years

White Ice

Stainless appliances are out; at least according to Whirlpool. Instead, we are all hereby instructed to select the new White Ice finish to show our superior taste when designing the ultimate kitchen. It’s been described by one reviewer as employing “Apple’s popular design language.” I have no idea if their bold move will catch on. I guess we’ll find out when buyers featured on House Hunters complain about stainless kitchens. But whether the next new

Incandescent Light Bulbs

The incandescent light bulb. Once a symbol of American ingenuity, it is now under attack as a wasteful. Just about everyone I know has strong feelings about the incandescent. Most prefer the light they provide. Most would also agree that they are inefficient compared to compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) technologies. Some argue that the newer technologies are inferior due to their color spectrum and their turn on time, though both