Pranking Real Estate Agents

A friend on Facebook sent me the following article and asked if I ever had this happen to me.


No, I can’t say that it has, but I do find it pretty hysterical. Real estate agent photos are often ridiculous, and even more often, very outdated. I don’t use my photo in much marketing. Heck, I don’t think there is even a photo of me on my personal website/blog. I sell houses, not my face. You should care about my brain, not what my hair looks like.

I was somewhat surprised by the comments that followed the article. Many were amused, however several people were enraged that the guy pulled this prank. Doesn’t seem to me like much was harmed as the “new face” was just a removable sticker and most people realized it was a joke. How about being able to laugh at yourself? Would you hire a real estate agent solely because they’re on a bench sign or cart in the supermarket? Probably not.