CTMLS Allows More Pictures

2014-01-02 Radiator

The database that real estate agents use to create our listings (CT Multiple Listing Service) has increased the number of images that we are allowed to load for each property. The maximum number of photos has been slowly creeping upwards for years, with the most recent jump from 25 to 35. There is a school of thought that says you need to use all of the picture slots available. I’ve heard it regularly from the

Who Are You?

2013-10-19 Alpaca - 350

Just an FYI to those who give fake information to the real estate websites – when you actually request more information there is no way for the agent (me) to get it to you. I understand not wanting to give out your deets, but you have to realize that there are consequences. The other day I got an inquiry via the Hartford Courant HomeFinder site about one of our listings. Brandon was interested in learning

Pranking Real Estate Agents

A friend on Facebook sent me the following article and asked if I ever had this happen to me. No, I can’t say that it has, but I do find it pretty hysterical. Real estate agent photos are often ridiculous, and even more often, very outdated. I don’t use my photo in much marketing. Heck, I don’t think there is even a photo of me on my personal website/blog. I sell houses, not my face.

HCPR: Year End 2009 Analysis

On Monday we highlighted the key data from the Year End 2009 Hartford County Property Report. The data definitely tells a story – sales in the fourth quarter are dramatically higher than last year – but there are other factors that are also important. The complete report, with statistics and charts for all the towns in the county, is available here. Overall Environment The housing market is influenced by the state of the local economy

Why'd the Agent Do That?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. People explain a situation related to a real estate agent acting in a certain way, saying something, or specifically doing something and they say “Why’d the agent do that?” This doesn’t usually come across as a positive question. The inquirer is asking because they are miffed, annoyed, or exasperated with something that’s happened. I think I’m seeing this question asked more recently because the market is getting