Who’s Watching Me?

Buyers, have you ever wondered if you’re being recorded when you tour a house?

I was talking about that with some clients this weekend when one made a comment about being recorded when we were viewing a home. One thought it could happen, the other didn’t. I offered that I work under the assumption that I am being recorded, both video and voice, in every house I visit.

I know this sounds a little paranoid. But let’s think about it. People freely use nanny cams. Others set up GoPro cameras to tape the antics of their pets while they’re away. Why wouldn’t some folks try to tape strangers visiting their homes during house showings?

Honestly, if I’m being taped, it doesn’t really bother me. I’m a visitor in someone’s home. I conduct myself like a visitor. You don’t touch stuff, don’t be overly nosy looking at personal photos and such, and keep personal commentary to a minimum.

What do you think as a potential buyer? As a seller, would you try to record visits if your home was on the market?