Showings in the COVID Market

Showings in the COVID Market

Touring a home is different now than it was up until early March 2020. Real estate in Connecticut never completely shut down, and agents quickly found common ground on how to make showings as safe as possible for sellers, buyers, and agents. The most important measure was to limit showings to only buyers who were actually serious about purchasing a home. Many consider touring homes to be a form of entertainment. Some like to see

Who’s Watching Me?

Buyers, have you ever wondered if you’re being recorded when you tour a house? I was talking about that with some clients this weekend when one made a comment about being recorded when we were viewing a home. One thought it could happen, the other didn’t. I offered that I work under the assumption that I am being recorded, both video and voice, in every house I visit. I know this sounds a little paranoid.

An Exciting Email

Last week I received an email from a person inquiring about one of our listings. They wondered if it was still for sale. We get these sorts of messages every now and then. They’re exciting – a new lead and opportunity for our seller. I responded that it was and said that I’d be happy to answer any questions for them or take them for a visit, if they’d like. A few days later they