Welcome Back, Daylight Saving Time

Switching the clocks twice a year is a time honored tradition. But, as far as I can tell, there is nobody who passionately supports the practice. Everyone just plays along and feels grumpy for the first week after the clocks “spring forward.”

I’m here to celebrate the return of Daylight Saving Time. Overnight, sunset changed from a little before 6:00 to a little before 7:00. This picture was taken last night at 7 o’clock. The sky is still bright, and it’s possible to distinguish some colors. Welcome back, friend!

2015-03-08 Still Light at Seven

Showing buyers houses in the dark is not very productive. It is difficult to get a good sense of a lot and its surroundings. It is impossible to know how bright the interior of the home will be in natural light. And one has to imagine how the sun will shine on the structure and yard.

Pushing the sunset an hour later makes it possible to tour homes in the evening hours after most buyers get out of work. That’s very helpful as we approach the spring real estate market.

All the real estate agents out there just got an extra hour of productive time. An extra hour to take buyer on tours, and an extra hour for our listings to be shown. Last week we had enough time to show one house after work in the daylight – maybe. This week we might actually be able to tour three or four.

Happy Daylight Saving, everyone! I’ll play the role of the one excited person as everyone else struggles to adjust to the lost hour of sleep.