February Contracts: What Snow?

The winter weather did not stop home buyers from bidding on real estate during February. There were 578 single-family contracts in Hartford County during the month, more than 13% higher that last February.

2015-03-04 Hartford County Single Family Contracts in February 2015

Some may have noticed that Greater Hartford received quite a lot of snow recently. Although there were no huge storms, like the one that shut everything down for a week in February 2013, the area received plenty of total accumulation.

The weather is always a wild card. This year, there seems to be enough excitement around the real estate market that the challenging weather has not slowed things down. The activity is a good sign for the coming months, as a strong start to the year will often carry through to a strong spring market.

While doing little to reduce buyers’ enthusiasm, excessive snow and ice has been a big challenge for homeowners. We are hearing about a lot of problems with roof leaks caused by ice dams. If you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, please make sure that whoever you hire to help address the problem is reputable and licensed. We’ve seen some very questionable advice circulating on social media.

This final(?) bout of wintery weather is a good time to start thinking about the spring market. Have your favorite real estate agent over to give you some advice about preparing for a sale, and get started on any projects right away. Buyers should also begin planning for their purchase – again talking with a real estate agent is a good place to start.

Spring will be here before you know it! At least we hope it will be…

2015-03-04 Hartford County Single Family Contracts in February 2015 by Town