Luxury Bunker Management Services

2019-09-04 Luxury Bunkers

If any luxury bunker owners out there read this, I would like to offer my services as the caretaker for your underground mansion. It’s good to have someone keep an eye on it until the apocalypse who is not easily associated with you, and who is willing to be discrete. I’m your guy.

My fee is a mere $100,000/year to regularly check in on the space, and to test out the community amenities. I’ll also make sure it is stocked with your current shopping list and dispose of everything that is no longer needed (billing the expenses back to you, of course).

Act quickly though, I am only planning to take on management of 10 luxury bunkers! Don’t miss out on your chance to work with a veteran real estate professional.

If the time comes when you need to move in, which everyone hopes will never happen, then the bunker will be ready. I’ll make sure of it!