September Contracts: A Strong Month

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in September 2019

The Hartford County single-family home market extended its late-summer strength through September. The County finished the month with 797 contracts, which was more than 16% higher that the unusually slow month observed in September 2018. On a year-to-date basis 2019 was 3.7% ahead of the 2018 contracts total through three quarters.

Inventory continues to trend below both 2018 and 2017. The chart below shows it moved down slightly over the past two months. The reduction in inventory appears to be the result of the above average buyer activity at a time of year when owners are generally not prepared to opportunistically list their home for sale.

Hartford County Single Family Inventory in September 2019

Looking ahead, we expect one more month of solid buyer activity before contract and inventory counts begin to decline. October is traditionally a great month to find a home, and the mortgage environment continues to be very supportive of buyers.

Check out the table below for a snapshot of the different towns, and reach out to us directly if you have questions about the local real estate markets.

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in September 2019 by Town