A Fresh Start in the New Year

2020-01-13 Clean Desk

The new year is a great opportunity to reset.

On the business side of our life we made a big change during the last few months of 2019 by switching brokers. The move was geared towards improving our operations and processes, while not having an obvious impact on our interactions with clients. We think the new broker’s technology will help us pursue some opportunities, and we want to be sure we are well positioned for the coming 5 – 10 years. By the end of the year we were fully transitioned to the new broker’s systems … now it’s full speed ahead.

We revived an old tradition this year, Austerity January. This has nothing to do with the real estate business, and is instead an opportunity to dial everything back after overindulging during the holidays. My main vice is desserts, so my top goal for the month is reduce my sugar intake by skipping dessert-like foods. I’m also working to improve my sleep by going to bed a little earlier. Others in the house have different goals, but we’re all participating together. We’re almost halfway through the month and I feel really good.

Another change for the new year is to try some new things. I have never been an active social media user, but I’m making an effort to participate by launching an Instagram account. Check it out if you’re on that platform. My intention is for the feed to be mostly about the personal side of my life, though I’m sure my real estate work will influence what I share to some degree.

All of these changes have been very positive, however the most impactful for me so far has been one of the most basic – clearing the backlog of paper off my desk.

Enjoy the new year, and best of luck with your goals for 2020!