Private Consultations vs Buyer Seminars

2020-05-01 Private Consultations vs Buyer Seminars

We are available for private consultations, to answer your questions about buying a home or anything else related to real estate, on a variety of video conferencing platforms.

I lead with that because I’ve noticed an explosion of virtual buyer seminars advertised since video conferences became the norm. Buyer seminars happened before Zoom, of course, so it’s not like they are totally new. However, they are much more efficient to organize virtually. And the big real estate teams desperately need buyer leads, pushing seminar-mania into overdrive.

Seminars, even virtual seminars, are not the best way to learn about the home buying process.

The primary challenge with seminars is that every attendee, every individual, arrives with their own questions and their own unique perspective on how they think about real estate. The host has to plan a general presentation, making it impossible to connect with all the attendees until after the prepared remarks. Even then the attendees have to compete to get their questions answered, and compete for the opportunity to talk with the expert. It is an inefficient use of time for the attendees.

A main advantage of the seminar is that people often sign up for them thinking they have no obligation to the host. It feels free like a free opportunity to learn.

I strongly prefer talking with buyers one-on-one, and am happy to talk with no obligation. We can focus on the issues that you care about. I would rather answer your questions, and have a true conversation, than give a lecture on real estate. I think of it as an interview – you are interviewing me to see if I would be a good adviser for your home search. I don’t always get the job, and that’s part of the process.

The power of the internet is that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for at exactly the time they need it. You should be able to get your real estate information that way too. We’ve published over 1,000 articles on this site covering a wide variety of topics. And we’re available for a private consultation to get even more specific. Skip the seminar and have a conversation instead.

What questions do you have about the process of buying (or owning) a home? Let’s talk about them!

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