2020 Single-Family Results by Town

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I really enjoy gathering and reviewing year-end data from the Greater Hartford real estate market, probably to an unhealthy degree. There is a lot to consider this year, so I broke the analysis into multiple articles. This is Part 3 of the year-end review. The first installment focused on the number of sales, while the second installment looked at pricing.

Greater Hartford is divided into many, many towns. These stats look at the 29 municipalities in Hartford County. Each town has its own characteristics, history, and housing stock that drives its local real estate market. Also contributing to the diverse results is the fact that each town is autonomous. They are (mostly) run separately with their own public works, school systems, and political environment.

The chart below shares two data points for each town. It shows the change in sales compared to the prior year, and it also shows the change in median sales price compared to the prior year.

Neither of these data points tell the whole story. We track the town-by-town data closely and have the same charts and graphs that we show for the County. If you are interested in learning more about a particular town (or two, or five) then reach out to Kyle at either 860-655-2922 or KyleB@KyleB-RE.com. It is easy to generate reports, and interesting to put these numbers in more context.

2021-01-11 Hartford County Single-Family Transactions in 2020 by Town