April Contracts: More of the Same

Hartford County Single-Family Contracts in April 2021

Hartford County finished April with 1,035 single-family contract signed, which was a respectable number for the month. Comparing the total to April 2020 is pointless because the pandemic brought everything to a halt that month. This year’s total was in line with April results going back to 2016.

There was a slight increase in new listings during April, with 1,144 single-family homes entered into the SmartMLS system compared to 1,011 in March. Despite the uptick, buyer activity prevented inventory from growing. Demand for homes continued to be extremely strong with multiple buyers competing for most properties.

The total number of available homes stood at 664 at the end of the month. This translated to an overall inventory level of 0.6 months, which was distributed over the various price bands as follows.

Hartford County Single-Family Inventory in April 2021 by Price Band

The above chart shows virtually no options for buyers at price points under $400k, few choices for buyers in the $400k – $700k range, and decent inventory for buyers willing to spend more than $700k. Check out the stats for the town you live in (or the towns you are following) below.

Hartford County Single-Family Contracts in April 2021 by Town