Another Update on Hartford’s 2021 Revaluation


The 2021 Hartford Revaluation was delayed compared to the typical revaluation timeline. In late December we published an update on the revised schedule, and this update details the final steps.

Yesterday we got an update letter from the City of Hartford Tax Assessor’s office. Every property owner in the City should have received one, as it updated the assigned revaluation 2021 market values after completing the informal challenge process with the contractor.

If you had a meeting with the Tyler Technologies team to discuss your initial value, how do you feel about the change that was made? Hopefully they heard your concerns, and adjusted the assigned value downwards to a level that is in line with the likely market value of the home.

The letter from the Tax Assessor outlines the next step for challenging the assigned value if you believe that it is still too high.

Applications to the City of Hartford’s Board of Assessment Appeals need to be submitted by March 20, 2022 in order to get an appointment during this cycle. The application form is pretty simple, and can be found on the Tax Assessor’s page of the City website.

Just like in the prior step, owners need to present evidence supporting their claim that the assigned value of their home is too high.

We recommend using sales data from comparable properties that closed between 10/1/2020 and 9/30/2021. It is also possible to use the assigned values of similar homes. If you had an appraisal done during the year leading up to the 10/1/2021 revaluation date, then that could also be used in the challenge. Finally, it is worthwhile to highlight unusual features of a property that have a negative effect on the market value.

The Board of Assessment Appeals will meet in April this year. Those applying to be heard will be notified of their hearing date, time, and location once an application is received. The Board will follow up with a notice reporting the results after the hearing.

There is one final opportunity to challenge beyond the Board of Assessment Appeals. An appeal of Board’s decision can be made in Superior Court within 60 days of the Board’s result notice. Taking a case to the court system comes with expenses, and it is only possible as an appeal of the City’s Board of Assessment Appeal decision.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. We’ve helped a lot of owners through the first step of the process, and are available to discuss this step too.