Electric Fence

Electric Fence

This year I installed an electric fence to protect our potted tomato plants from the squirrels. Here’s a look at the setup, which I’m claiming as a success since our furry neighbors have not been stealing our produce. Supplies came from the Tractor Supply store, Home Depot, and the basement. What you see in the video is a $30 charger and another $10 in supplies. Totally worth it since we’ve been able to enjoy the

The No-Name Mum Farm in Ellington

Last year I was showing a house in the boonies (defined by me as any place more than 30 minutes from my house) and I stumbled across a farm with acres and acres of blooming mums. It was quite a sight to see. I stopped in on my way home from the appointment and ended up filling my car with gigantic mums of various colors, bursting with blooms. The selection was unbelievable and pricing incredibly

A Good Year for Gardening


Gardening has been a hit or miss experience for us over the years. This year has gone better than most. We got some good plants from Meadow View Farms back in May, and have been enjoying homegrown veggies since late June. The tomatoes and squash have been good producers, and we even have little watermelons growing. My favorite crop so far has been the hot peppers. Not super hot ones, but hot enough to make

The Rural Life

Three Deer

Greater Hartford has a lot of residential development in rural areas that had previously been forest or farm land. It’s common to hear stories of wildlife walking through the yards of homeowners. Bear sightings are scary – they are big animals and can do some damage. Other animals are cute or exotic or majestic depending on their size and how rare it is to see them. While driving through the western part of Avon, in