February Contracts: Still Waiting

2022-03-04 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2022-02

February is an unusual month for the real estate market. It has fewer days than those on either side, which actually does cause the number of contracts to plot lower than the average daily activity would otherwise indicate. The month is also at a point in the seasonal cycle at which inventory levels are often at their lowest. Buyers tend to begin looking earlier in the year than sellers tend to list their homes. Sellers

January Contracts: Pins and Needles

2022-02-09 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts 2022-01

Hartford County began the year with 611 single-family contracts during the month of January. The total was well below the counts for the prior two years, but in line with the strong markets from 2016-2019. This is the point of the real estate year where there is peak uncertainty. Inventory is traditionally at its lowest point because the prior year listings all expired (or sold) and new listings have not yet begun to come onto

2021 Year-End Hartford County Single-Family Review

2021 Year End Median Prices

It is our annual tradition to look at the full year of data each January to see how the market evolved over the prior year. This is the one time when we analyze price data, as looking at 12 months gives a very large data set and minimizes the impact of seasonality. 2021 was a very active year for the Hartford County real estate market, despite finishing with slightly fewer closed single-family deals than in

December Contracts: Wrapping up 2021

2022-01-05 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts for December 2021

Hartford County wrapped up 2021 with 586 single-family contracts in December. The total was about 9% behind December 2020, and the County finished the year about 5% behind the full year 2020 contract total. Despite the decrease in deals it was a very strong year for the real estate market. The inventory of available homes was the story throughout 2021. As of year-end the number of listings dropped to their lowest level yet, breaking through

November Contracts: Winding Down

2021-12-05 Hartford County Single-Family Contracts in November 2021

Hartford County real estate continued the seasonal decline in activity with 830 single-family contracts in November. The total was essentially equal to the November 2020 count, leaving year-to-date activity down about 5% compared to last year. It is clear that buyers and sellers are back to their traditional attitudes about when during the year they collectively want to be most active in the market. 2022 seems likely to follow the seasonal trends of 2019 and