2022 Market Activity

2023-01-17 Hartford County Closed 2022 Single-Family Sales by Year

The total number of single-family home sales decreased in Hartford County by just under 18% from 2021 to 2022. Nearly 10,000 sales was reduced to just over 8,000 sales – a very significant drop. Despite the slowing pace of sales, 2022 was a strong year for the local real estate market. We consider the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 to be outliers. There were more deals in each of those years than our area

R2B – Purchase Timeline

2020-02-03 R2B - Purchase Timeline

This article is part of the Ready to Buy series, which focuses on the key issues that potential home buyers need to understand as they work through the purchase process. Closing on a home, when using a mortgage to finance the purchase, usually takes about 50 days. That’s how long you should budget from the time your offer is accepted until the closing, when you get the keys and can move in. You need to

2017 Hartford County Single-Family Sales Data

Hartford County finished 2017 with a slight increase in the number of single-family home sales compared to 2016. The total in the Connecticut MLS database as of 1/4/2018 was 8,649, or 1.6% higher than the previous year. Although there wasn’t significant growth in market activity, the deal total for the year remained close to the 2005 peak, signifying strong overall demand. Looking at the trend in pricing, the chart below shows that both the average

2016 Hartford County Single-Family Sales Data

2016 was another good year for Hartford County real estate. It was the second year in a row that showed growth in the number of closed deals. The total number of single-family sales recorded in the Connecticut Multiple Listings Service (CTMLS) database was 8,515 (as of 1/6/2017). The number of closed sales increased by 10.6% over the 2015 total. As the above chart shows, the market has returned to the activity levels seen in the

2014 Wrap-Up: Single-Family Results

2015-01-15 Hartford County Single-Family Deals by Year

The headline trend in the Hartford County single-family real estate markets in 2014 was that there was no prevailing narrative. After a few years of uncertainty in the late 2000s following the financial crisis, the markets enjoyed a few years of obvious recovery. The results of 2014 cannot be explained in comparable terms. The simple way to explain the year is to say it was a repeat of 2013. The number of single-family deals recorded