All Roads Lead to Hartford – Considering the Commute

In this area, all roads lead to Hartford. Literally, the roads all converge on the capital city. Interstate highways, state highways, and even smaller arteries spread out from Hartford like the spokes of a wheel. It’s very important that home buyers understand this fact during their home search. Where are the towns or neighborhoods they’re interested in compared to their jobs? Are they comfortable making the drive every day? Everyone has different views on how

Missing the Bus

I could hear the bus braking from down the street, with its distinctive whoosh. It was approaching the stop sign, just across the intersection from the bus stop, and I was still over half a block away. Adrenaline surged in preparation for a mad dash to the corner – or at least close enough to the corner to be able to catch the driver’s eye. It was an instinctive reaction, but no longer necessary. I