Flatbush Avenue Bridge Taking Shape

2013-05-15 Flatbush Bridge

Since the previous update on this project in January, construction on the Flatbush Avenue bridge has made tremendous progress. It actually looks like a bridge on the site now! The first picture is taken from Flatbush Avenue between the train tracks and New Park Avenue. The steel to support the roadway is up, and it’s now clear how the new bridge will meet up with the existing streets at each end. Next we move east

Flatbush Avenue Bridge Update

Construction crews have been busy at the Flatbush Avenue bridge site since our September update. It was an overcast day to visit, but we can still see noticeable progress. The first picture is from about the same point as last time – looking west from Newfield Avenue over the train tracks and into West Hartford. You can no longer see straight through the site. Bridge supports are up near the tracks, and even more steel

Flatbush Avenue Bridge Construction Begins

I was fascinated by bridges as a kid, yet somehow managed to choose a liberal arts college without either an architecture or engineering program. Oops. Anyway, the upshot is that I get excited when new bridges are built. Even small, functional ones like what CT Fastrac has planned for Flatbush Avenue. Here is the rendering of the bridge and bus station, and here is the site plan for the area. Work has been going on