The Hartford Primary Battle: Real Estate

Segarra's West End Home

We’re not the political sorts, but every now and then real estate and politics intersect. Last week someone made a real estate based attack on one of the Democrats running for Mayor in Hartford. It was a misleading attack (we believe deliberately), but got us looking at the homes of the two candidates vying for the top line on the November ballot. Two Democrats will be on the September party primary ballot in the City

What's Worse: Voting Polls or Open Houses?

I went to the polls today, just like thousands of other Connecticut residents. As I approached my voting location, the Hartford Seminary, there were a couple of people that descended on me. One wanted to hand me a pamphlet and talk to me about voting the Democratic ticket. Another wanted me to change my Democratic votes in some cases to the same candidate, but running on the Working Families party line. I understand the importance