The Hartford Primary Battle: Real Estate

Segarra's West End Home

We’re not the political sorts, but every now and then real estate and politics intersect. Last week someone made a real estate based attack on one of the Democrats running for Mayor in Hartford. It was a misleading attack (we believe deliberately), but got us looking at the homes of the two candidates vying for the top line on the November ballot. Two Democrats will be on the September party primary ballot in the City

Buh-Bye Butt Ugly?

Yesterday, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra announced the City’s intention to acquire and demolish the building on corner of Main and Trumbull. He noted that it is a “critically important project” and is “an economic development priority for a number of reasons.” David Panagore, Hartford COO and Director of Development Services, said that they expect to have a purchase agreement in place by Thursday and are prepared to begin eminent domain action if needed. Exciting news,