Life Imitating Home Improvement TV?

I don’t watch that much TV, but find when I do that I gravitate towards HGTV. Apparently I really enjoy real estate because even in my down time I focus on work related shows. I like the creativity in the design programs but am more intrigued by the behaviors displayed on House Hunters or Property Virgins. I think it has to do with the fact that we help buyers in addition to sellers. I’m interested

Our Kitchen Remodel- Revisited

Our kitchen remodel finished up a little over 3 months ago, so we thought it would be a good idea to revisit our decisions to see if we’re still happy with them after actually using the kitchen for a bit. Planning everything out on paper and watching it be built is one thing. Living with it is another… The Good… 1. The layout is working out really well. We are easily able to both work

A Remodeling Surprise

Remodeling projects often bring surprises for homeowners because one never knows just what they’ll find when walls are opened up and floors removed. What exactly did the original builder or previous owners do with the electric and plumbing? Contractors always have stories about the crazy things they’ve seen on their jobs once they get to the demolition phase and take down the sheet rock or plaster. Often these surprises are not good and increase the

Our Temporary Kitchen

Our kitchen remodel project starts in two weeks. That means it’s time to officially start decommissioning the existing kitchen and set up the temporary space which we’ll be using for the next two months while construction is underway. At one point someone used the third floor of our West End house as a rentable apartment. Left over from those days is a full size sink, about 5 feet of counter space (2.5 feet on each

Our "Before" Kitchen

Oh happy day, our kitchen remodel project begins in T-minus 3 weeks. So, what exactly are we getting rid of and what kind of space do we have to work with? Here are some pictures from when we first bought our home and what the kitchen looked like… I like to try to be positive, so let’s first start with the good things about our existing kitchen. It’s quite a large space (12×20) and has