Really, Which School is the Best?

Clients often ask my opinion on school districts. “Which towns have the best schools?” “Which elementary school is the best in this town?” “Which private schools in the area are the best?” They’ve hired me as the expert to represent them in their home purchase and want my opinion on a variety of topics related to that purchase. Schools are a big part of the decision for many people because they have, or will eventually

Pop Quiz! Who Decides Where You Live?

Who decides where you live? A. Your real estate agent B. Your parents or some other relative C. Your friends D. Your co-workers E. You The correct answer to this question is E- You, but sadly I see options A, B, C, and D occurring quite often. This really isn’t how it should be, but sometimes it’s the reality. Here’s how it happens… Your Real Estate Agent Your real estate agent should be a wealth

You Might Not Feel Comfortable There…

I’m sorry if this post comes off as something of a rant, but I am a very “by the book” agent and things like what I’m about to describe make my blood boil. The Hartford Courant has a nice little blurb in every Sunday real estate section about “Moving In…” where they talk about people that recently purchased property in various towns in the Hartford area. This past weekend the “Moving In” article was about