On the Fourth Day of Cancelled School

Oxford Street, Hartford on Sunday

Today is the fourth day that the City of Hartford has cancelled school due to the recent blizzard. As the cleanup has progressed (or not, depending on your point of view), there has been discussion about how the whole thing has been handled. I am not privy to inside information, or a big picture view of the entire operation. But I am a City resident, have a child in the school system, and live within

Really, Which School is the Best?

Clients often ask my opinion on school districts. “Which towns have the best schools?” “Which elementary school is the best in this town?” “Which private schools in the area are the best?” They’ve hired me as the expert to represent them in their home purchase and want my opinion on a variety of topics related to that purchase. Schools are a big part of the decision for many people because they have, or will eventually

Test Scores and Home Prices

Last week the results for the Connecticut Mastery Test were released to the public.  The Courant has put together a nice page for quickly seeing data, while the official results website allows users to generate detailed reports. As expected, there has been a flurry of commentary on the results for different towns.  The West Hartford results are being debated on West Hartford Forums, Talk of West Hartford, and The West Hartford Blog.  I’m sure that there