Regulations in Hartford: Theory vs Practice

Families per Lot - by Neighborhood

The occupancy debate centered on 68 Scarborough Street in Hartford is a conflict between the theoretical concept of “family” and practical implementation of the City of Hartford’s Zoning Regulations. On one hand, everyone should ideally be able to define their “family” as they see fit. In the abstract, there is no need to create an official definition of “family.” The word can mean whatever one wants it to mean. On the other hand, municipalities are

Hartford's One City, One Plan Continues

Discussion of Hartford’s Plan of Conservation and Development resumes this week with the first of four Community Listening Sessions organized by the City Planning & Zoning Commission. Since the first round of events, the City has been working to incorporate the community feedback into the overall plan. A second draft is available, and there is a summary of the Top 20 Individual Ideas as voted by the attendees of the previous events. After looking at

Zoning & Density in Hartford's West End

On Thursday, October 29th, the West End Civic Association (WECA) Planning & Zoning Committee met to begin a conversation about many of the zoning-related issues that the neighborhood found contentious during the past year. The agenda listed density as the main topic, with specific mention of converting existing properties to include more approved units, new condo and multi-unit developments, fairness issues around illegal rentals, accessory dwelling units, the financial impact of zoning decisions on homeowners,