Flatbush Avenue Bridge Taking Shape

Since the previous update on this project in January, construction on the Flatbush Avenue bridge has made tremendous progress. It actually looks like a bridge on the site now!

2013-05-15 Flatbush Bridge

The first picture is taken from Flatbush Avenue between the train tracks and New Park Avenue. The steel to support the roadway is up, and it’s now clear how the new bridge will meet up with the existing streets at each end.

Next we move east across the tracks to the intersection of Flatbush and Newfield. This picture is looking to the west along Flatbush Avenue towards West Hartford. The large black wall is the inside of the bridge – they have quite a bit of fill to add in order to make it a smooth transition back to ground level. In fact, it looks like the entire intersection of Flatbush and Newfield is going to be elevated when work is complete.

2013-05-15 Flatbush & Newfield

In the January update we were concerned about the future of the restaurant on the corner of Flatbush and Newfield. The construction crew has built what appears to be the edge of the roadway on that parcel. The good news is that the road will avoid the restaurant. The bad news is that the restaurant lost about half of its previous setback from Flatbush Avenue.

2013-05-15 Restaurant

My apologies for the poor picture quality on that third shot. I was holding the camera above my head to get it over the fence and looking directly into the sun…


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