Welcome Back, Daylight Saving Time

2015-03-08 Still Light at Seven

Switching the clocks twice a year is a time honored tradition. But, as far as I can tell, there is nobody who passionately supports the practice. Everyone just plays along and feels grumpy for the first week after the clocks “spring forward.” I’m here to celebrate the return of Daylight Saving Time. Overnight, sunset changed from a little before 6:00 to a little before 7:00. This picture was taken last night at 7 o’clock. The

Off Roading

2015-02-26 Off Roading

I encountered this situation the other day while pulling into a condo community’s parking lot. The photo doesn’t really do justice to the depth of the ice ruts. They were easily four inches deep – and that’s before speculating on the depth of the water in the tracks. They were serious ruts. I grew up in Vermont and don’t recall seeing anything like this on the dirt roads up there. I drive a sedan, and

I’ve Got a Guy


“Do you have an electrician that you can recommend? How about a plumber? Floor refinisher? Painter? Kitchen designer? Landscaper?” A peppering of questions came from a buyer client this past weekend. They’re looking to buy a place that needs some work and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the number of contractors they need to find and hire. Well, let me tell you, I’ve got a guy. In fact, I’ve got a lot of guys. They live

Old Well

Well House

Lots of houses in Greater Hartford have wells. But how many still have the old well? This photo was taken at a mid-1700s property. Although the well is boarded up, the equipment is still there. Just bring your own bucket and rope.

Counter-Weighted Sash Windows


The other night I was flipping through the chapter of my Elements of Styles architectural history textbook that covers the Baroque period, which the authors define as from 1625 to 1714. I discovered that one of the innovations of that era was counter-weighted vertical sash windows, which were developed in the 1670s. Up until this point many windows didn’t open, and those that did were casement windows that swung open. Sash windows are a very